If at first you don’t succeed….

I thought I’d start on the Advent wreath for a dinner plate yesterday. It got off to a good start in the morning but by the time I got back from a funeral and had some lunch (at 3pm) I was too tired and so decided I would do a ‘playing with paint’ piece instead. I would use the spare bit of paper from the aborted serenity print out of the day before. Then I tried to use the other side without success. Eventually I got a new piece of paper and started again – 4th time ‘lucky’???? You tell me.

The first bit of video I shot was out of focus. Fortunately not too badly to tell what I was doing. The next portion was in focus. So, here’s my efforts, including photos of the ones that I gave up on.


And here’s the video

Not sure why I’m sharing these, but here’s the rejected playing with paint pieces. Perhaps they will come in handy for a future project. Now they have dried they actually aren’t too bad. Both sides of the paper have potential to be turned into something worthwhile. So will add them to my pile of resources.

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