Advent Ring: A morning of things going wrong turned around by mindfulness and art

It was one of those days when things went wrong. I won’t list them here as I have already vented my frustration and don’t want to go over it again. Suffice to say that by mid-day I realised I needed to not just record my Artful ELF but to do it for myself. That is, practice what I preach. Mindfulness is supposed to help you cope with stress and I was feeling very stressed out. Not good for a day off when I am supposed to be relaxing and recharging my batteries.

As I type this at 6.30pm I am calm and getting ready for an evening by the fire and TV with my husband. I have uploaded the film clips recorded during the day and when I have finished typing this I will close all widows on my laptop and leave the software to finish the video. This takes a while and doesn’t always work the first time.

Advent Ring

I carefully cut around the ring and put it on a plate with candles. It is a little tight so I will make the image a bit bigger for others. Also, my paper has buckled slightly due to the watery paint. Others won’t have that problem.

Advent Ring on plate

Here’s the pdf containing the instruction sheet for making the ring.

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