Join me in a journey through Advent with a doodle a day.

Despite having a headache and not feeling too good, I managed this episode plus got the angel ready for my gate and the Angel Trail around the village. Planning for Christmas this year is a challenge. I was wonderfully encouraged by a Messenger message from the mum of 2 pupils at one of my schools. They are enjoying seeing me do the art and sent me a couple of pictures which I recognised from the very early episodes. They think it’s great that I’m on YouTube! There was a request to see Barnabus, a lamb who comes to school with me to help with assemblies. I’ll see if I can get him to help with the next one.

Journalling can be difficult for some people to get into. Those of us with perfectionist streaks may worry about getting it right. Today’s episode has a gentle introduction into journalling with a journey through Advent.

Print the pdf out on 2 sheets of A4 and stick together to make A3.

Here’s the video:

I got my angel finished. Not 100% happy with it. But it will do the job.

Advent Angel

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