Not a great start to a doodle a day in Advent.

I have to admit that I nearly deleted the video from today’s doodle for Artful ELF. It is short, and that’s about the best thing to say about it. The doodle is simple and not at all something to be proud of. But, I decided to continue with it because to invite people to join me in a doodle a day and then pull out of sharing the first one is not good. I am not expecting huge numbers to join in. Indeed the YouTube statistics show that very few people watch my videos all the way through, if at all. So why do I continue? Because in the Kingdom of God, small is important. If only one person is helped by my efforts, then it is worth it. And I know 2 pupils from one of my schools enjoy watching me and have asked for Barnabas to show up. So he did in this episode.


We were treated to Bishop Michael’s preaching yesterday. It was excellent and I made notes whilst he preached. I spoke about it as I doodled in the small circle on the Journey through Advent chart.

Advent doodle No.1

I created a Facebook Group ‘A doodle a day through Advent’. I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone joins in. A little experiment in social media. But then I deleted it. So if you want to share your doodle, then find the Elizabeth Jones Diary Facebook page and post it there.

Here’s the video:

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