I did what I set out to do (almost) and am pleased yet disappointed

I set out at the beginning of this current lockdown to produce a daily dose of artful mindfulness. It began with an elf character, who I dropped. Now I realise I am too busy to continue and so today I am publishing the last of the daily videos (produced yesterday). I feel sad, in a way, yet glad. I almost did what I set out – I was a few days into lockdown before I started – and there is still a day to go before we are out. However, I have a sermon to write for Sunday, funerals to prepare and conduct plus Christmas services to get planned and organised.

I will still do a doodle each day and I hope the occasional mindfulness and art video. The viewing figures on YouTube have not been great, ranging from 3 views to 24 (not counting the massive 65 for the introductory one). This morning I got an email to say I have a new subscriber on my YouTube channel, which is great (I now have 7). The last couple of episodes have featured a puppet lamb, Barnabas, who comes into school with me for assemblies. The children love him and one of the mums contacted me by Messenger and asked if he would make an appearance.

So, here’s the doodle I did yesterday as I pondered Advent and the video.

Advent 2

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