A doodle a day in Advent catch up

I realised this morning that I hadn’t done any doodles for a couple of days, so as part of my prayer time I reflected on the events. I wrote in my normal handwritten journal as well as doing these small doodles.

I did a short video and put it on Instagram explaining what each doodle represented.

Day 3 (Tuesday) brought a shocking and upsetting conversation with someone.

Day 4 (Wednesday) brought flowers. First there was a beautiful spay on top of the coffin at the funeral I took and then in the afternoon my dear husband brought me some lovely flowers. As I returned to my doodling this afternoon I added some hearts, more red flowers and some blue forget-me-nots plus a green border.

Day 5 (Thursday) was our Zooming through the Bible in the evening. We looked at the biblical concept of Hope which is summed up in this doodle. We look back at what God has done in the past and specifically Jesus’ death and resurrection so that we can move forward with hope in God.

And so to today, Friday and day 6. It is my day off and after a morning of doing a bit of housework we set off for a drive with a small picnic to eat in the car. It was very grey with a small amount of watery snow, some of which did settle on the road and the fence posts. We failed to find a pub open (thanks to Covid) so we returned home. I opened a bottle of Cleric’s Cure and did this doodle. The snowflakes were not very carefully done. The small amount of green represents the bits of fields we could see.

So my journey through Advent has got off to an interesting start:

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