Advent Journey doodles days 9 to 14

It’s been a busy 10 days. As we approach Christmas there is so much to do. So here’s a catchup. I’ll do another one tomorrow if I have time.

Day 10 – Monday and I went to our Craft group at church and led them through a mindfulness exercise entitled Circles of Gratitude. I encouraged them to draw and colour in circles with each one representing something they were grateful for.

circles of gratitude

Day 11 – Tuesday. I discovered as I arrived at church to take a funeral that an essential piece of information had been omitted from the parish magazine. Not pleased with myself. I had done the proofreading and not noticed the Christmas Eve communion missing. Oops !!!


Day 11 – Wednesday – a simple doodle at the end of a busy day.

a busy day

Day 12 – Thursday and reminded of my ‘happy place’ where I feel good: the seaside.

My happy place

Day 13 – Friday. My day off and I did the Grief and Gratitude exercise where I looked back with great sadness at 2020. However that sadness was also with the hope of knowing that God is carrying me through.

Tears for 2020

Day 14 – Saturday and I had the first of the entries by local school pupils for our Angel Trail in the village. The Christmas story is told in various places with large angels, including one at my gate. I challenged the pupils to count up how many times the word Angel(s) appears. This doodle was done quickly and with not as much care as I should have taken.

Angel trail

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