My Journey Through Advent 2020 is completed

Well, given that I am writing this on Boxing Day, the title for this blog is a bit obvious. Like all parish clergy the last week or so before Christmas was busy. I didn’t manage any updates, but did put the doodles on Instagram. Here’s the finished doodle a day page.

My Journey through Advent 2020 is completed

16th December was my mum’s birthday. She died in 1993. We bought our Christmas tree (reduced in price) on Day 21, which was the Saturday before 4th Sunday in Advent. The cyclamen did get a blog post written about it.

Day 24 was our carols in the car park, which proved to be a great success. I was surprised, and pleased, when Day 25’s doodle, which was totally without any thought behind it, was seen by a Facebook friend who said she could see Mary, Joseph, Jesus and some shepherds in it. Finally I did the Christmas Eve doodle between the 9.30pm and 11.30pm communion services.

I have decided that I will do a blog about my Covid Christmas as a permanent reminder of the strange Christmas of 2020. Probably best to do it in small chunks over several blogs than to do one long one.

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