Grief and Gratitude in 2020

I have just finished the final session of the look at 2020 recognising the grief and the gratitude .

Although 2020 has been as difficult to traverse as walking through slimy decaying autumn leaves in the mud, I am grateful of the opportunities to develop creatively. Looking back through my art and prayer journal, remembering the Artful Elf sessions plus the ways in which we have adapted church worship to go online, I am grateful for the ways in which my art and creativity have expanded and developed. I look forward to seeing how this continues in 2021.

The second of these Grief and Gratitude sessions resulted in me writing a letter to myself, to be read when I retire. I have to confess that retirement seemed like an attractive option on more than one occasion this year amid all the stress and challenges that Covid brought. As part of the art for this exercise we were to decorate the envelope. However I was tired and this was all I could manage in the time I had available.

The 3rd session was looking at colours and images in preparation for the final piece. I have already blogged about the first session and have now stuck the photo of the installation and the poem in my art and prayer journal.

Covid has brought with it much grief. I have only had a small glimpse of it, for which I am grateful. I know that it has affected many people much more severely than me. I have had stressful moments but putting them into perspective, in the wider picture, they were manageable and not as bad as others’ stresses.

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