Thank you

I had a lovely morning of prayerfully painting – or playing with paint as I prefer to call it. I have been touched by how many people responded to my post about feeling sad with messages of love and support. Thank you. So I decided to paint my thanks.

I am also feeling thankful for the week of tuition freely given by Art2Life coach Nicholas Wilton. I have yet to watch all the recordings of the live sessions and will do so in due course. I tried to put into this Thank You card the principles of design, value and colour that I learnt over the last week or so.

To check progress I took photos and turned them into mono. It helps to see the ‘loud conversation’ (ie the bold bits high in value) and the ‘quiet conversation’ in the picture.

Whilst doing the Thank You, I sang the song “Give thanks with a grateful heart” and this stayed with me the rest of the day. My husband and I went for a long walk in the Peak District and I realised that it had been a long time since I’d done any hill walking. My legs didn’t like it! However, the views were wonderful.

The #Live Lent reflection was about God’s love being the motivation for our sharing the gospel. When we have been touched by his love then we want to share that with others. This is why I do this blog – to share

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