Lent blog day 12 – continuing with Mark

I sketched out a double page of my prayer and art journal in my mid-day prayer time. I had read the reflection for #Live Lent and agree with the power of personal stories. That is why I tell my story of how faith and trust in Jesus has, over the years, transformed me. It is why I do this blog.

I hope you can read the pencil on the image below. I have followed the suggested outline that was given to us at college in the lecture on Mark’s gospel. I am looking forward to going back to it to do the images and colour etc. This is just to ensure it all fits on the double spread.

I like the symmetry of the section starting and ending with a healing of someone who is blind. My faith is not blind faith – it is faith that comes from questioning and doubting, from putting my trust in Jesus and seeing if it is true that he can heal. I also note the emphasis in this section on denying yourself, of putting God first before wealth, and the importance of serving others. The transfiguration and the seats in glory mirror one another too. I find myself feeling uplifted from doing this and I am not sure why.

I’ve just thought about the line in the hymn Amazing Grace – I was blind but now I see. The truth of Jesus’ identity is often hidden to people who are spiritually blind. They either won’t or can’t see the truth. I think I feel at peace and uplifted because doing this has reminded me that I have received the peace that passes all understanding because I did believe, I did pick up my cross and follow Jesus, leaving behind family and familiar surroundings, and I continue to follow him as best I can.

This is the outline I found in my college notes:

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