A lazy afternoon doodling

I have just spent some time relaxing doing this doodle. The alternative was to do some cleaning – the house is in need of a good clean. I came across this picture and realised it summed up how I felt.

However, I didn’t have the energy nor inclination to do anything that required much thought, hence the doodle. Fortunately I had a background already painted using up spare paint from another piece.

We have had snow today! In fact it is falling quite heavily now as I write. More Christmas than Easter.

The reason I am feeling lazy is that I have worked quite hard yesterday and this morning doing some decluttering and tidying up of the shed and a storage room. It has taken my mind off the enormous To-Do list that I will return to tomorrow when I go back to work. I have 3 church annual meetings to organise, 3 lay minister’s annual reviews to do, one lay minister’s end of training report to write, one curate’s pre-priesting report to write – all of which have deadlines sometime in April. In addition I have the April church newsletter to get out this week and a funeral to prepare for that is on Thursday. Plus weddings are starting to appear on the horizon that will need my attention, and all the other usual parish administration etc. So I pray that God will enable me to use my time wisely. It can be difficult managing a work/life balance – the temptation is to keep on working as the tasks never end but I know that if I do that I will get over-tired.

The snow has stopped and the sun is out, the birds are singing and it’s time to prepare our evening meal. But before I do I will admire the view from my window.

The light is often beautiful at this time of day (early evening) especially on the smaller of those trees. I’m reminded of a poem that we had at the funeral I conducted last week. Wise words that we would all do well to heed.

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