How do you overcome the lack of creativity when your ‘get up and go’ has ‘got up and gone’?

This blog post is availble as a podcast – something popped up and asked me if I wanted to record it as a podcast, and I thought, why not? So I’ve opened an account – here’s the link.

This is the question I’m facing at the moment. You will have noticed that I haven’t done any art for a while. I just haven’t got enough spare energy for it. I was hoping that I might do some today, it being my day off, but I was awake at 3.30am and lay awake for what felt like a long time. I must have dozed a bit because I had some strange dreams. But I am now very tired and it’s mid morning as I write this, a time of day when I’m usually firing on all cylinders.

The verse that struck me most from this morning’s readings is

Repentance isn’t just something we do when we have sinned. I pray every day, several times a day in different ways. Sometimes it is leading others in prayer in person or online, or while I’m out walking, or lying in bed, or sitting in my room with a candle lit and using my Bible and often the Northumbria Community services, as I did this morning.

So for me the repentance aspect is an adjustment to my routines. I am going to make time each day to rest in prayerful trust, being quiet in God’s presence and be more aware of what he may be saying to me. Me and God time – which is essential for us all. I also want to make space for devotional and theological reading, which as a priest I should be doing, but which often gets squeezed out due to the demands on my time and energy.

Although I have joined the Creativity Christianity Summit again this year, I haven’t had time or energy to do anything. I started a bit of watercolour last week but gave up as it was too difficult. I wrote this in my notebook instead:

I shared it on the summit Facebook page and a couple of people said it helped them, so I’m glad I overcame my initial hesitation. After all, it’s hardly artistic or poetic! But it was honest and honesty speaks to people’s hearts.

I was going to give the watercolours another go today ….. but I’m writing this instead. However when I read that they are running a 60 day prayer challenge I felt that gentle Holy Spirit nudge to join in. They are suggesting the use of a prayer journal or notebook to keep track of prayers and answers to prayer as well as a Facebook group to share and for mutual accountability. The group is just for the 60 days and for this challenge.

Would you like to join me? If so, sign up using the link below to receive emails with prompts and access to other support.

I’ll blog occasionally during the 60 days, as and when I feel it appropriate.

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