Breadcrumbs Challenge – Day 1

I have just completed the first day’s challenge of thinking about how I want my future art to feel. The first word to come to mind was ‘alive’, but then I gave it more thought and decided the word was ‘dynamic’. However by the time I came to writing up my thoughts I reverted to ‘alive’.

This is often hindered by my feeling tired and not knowing what I want to paint. I went for a walk to give this some thought, and for my morning prayer. I realised that I often separate my art into either ‘prayer and art’ or ‘doing a painting’. I have been guilty of making a sacred/secular division. Art needs to come from the foundation of who I am and who I am is someone who values prayer and the spiritual life.

I am body, mind and spirit. I am a soul who is aware of my creator God and wishes to live my life within that framework. I believe that all artists, whether Christian or not, whether they are religious or not, need to tap into that which is at the very essence of their being. It is this essence of who we are, our spirit, that brings forth the art.

As I watched the Day 1 video I started to play with paint. I only have watercolours and gouache plus some crayons and felt pens with me so I taped down a piece of watercolour paper and got some water colours down. Then more water and did some swirls. It was starting to get a bit ‘muddy’ as the colours blended into each other. I much prefer acrylics for this sort of exercise. I lack the patience to let the paints dry before applying the next bit.

Next I added some gouache then more watercolours, a bit more concentrated. After lunch and a break, plus another walk I came back to finish it. I ripped some pieces off my pictures from the last couple of days. I hesitated. I didn’t know which bits to use or where to stick them. But I did it, and I am pleased with the result. I also added a felt pen rendition of a plant having been inspired by some whilst walking.

My art is also inspired by nature. I love looking at old trees, stone walls with moss, plants that are going into autumn. I have been fascinated by these plants that are now dead:

The result of my work today is a picture that is not intended to be a work of art, but an exploration and experimentation. Also, as an indication of my desire to bring together the sacred and secular aspects of my art, I am going to record progress of this challenge in the journal I used for the recent 60 day prayer challenge.

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