Breadcrumbs Challenge Day 4

Today started well with a walk down by the river. I had found the email prompts easy.

I remembered how doing the Artful ELF videos helped me to relax and just play with paint. They were not particularly good videos and to be honest I wonder if I should delete them. But they served a purpose and some people found them helpful during the lockdown last year. I shared this one on the Facebook group.

We had a lovely afternoon by the sea. A crab sandwich at Craster then a walk along the coast path. We then had a walk along the beach at Newton by the Sea. When I returned I did the video exercise. This involved choosing my favourite colours and playing with them. I used gouache only. Interestingly I did’t chose turquoise, or indeed any blues or greens. I started with bright yellow then added orange and purple. A bit of black give contrast. The bright lemon yellow has got lost underneath layers.

Breadcrumbs Challenge Day 4 – amusement

I then added some more to the stone wall picture. I am not taking the tape off yet as I don’t know if it is finished or not.

Is it finished?

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