Autumn Art No.2

I thought this post had already been published, but I just found it in the drafts.

Whilst on holiday I enjoyed picking leaves and other treasures like cones and feathers whilst out walking. Knowing that I would not be able to take them home I arranged them and took a photo. I suppose I have created art installations.

I wrote the following poem using the Cinquain format.

colourful, bright
changing, blowing, falling
I love the leaves

A Cinquain poem comprises 5 lines which can be either

1 word
2 words
3 words
4 words
1 word


1 noun
2 adjectives
3 -ing words
a phrase
Another word for noun in line 1

I wrote mine using the second of these formulas and then found that it also worked with the first way of writing one.

I arranged my treasures in a bowl and on a mat. I brought all except the leaves home.

It was fascinating to see how the long strip of bark curled up when in the warmth of the cottage. It was flat when I picked it up from the ground.

And these 3 pieces of twig were all one. I picked it up and admired it, put it back continued on my walk and then on my return I reconsidered and thought I’d just take a bit of it. As you can see I took it all and have brought it home. Not sure what I will do with it but I love the stuff growing on it.

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