Autumn Art No.4 – spirals inspired by straw bales

Whist on holiday and looking at the fields I was fascinated by the marks left after the straw had been baled.

I do want to do a realistic painting of a field with a gate, the marks left from the harvesting with the bales. But it will wait until I feel ready to attempt it.

The straw was safely gathered in. I saw a field at the beginning of our holiday that had been started but not finished that day and then it progress to having the bales collected. And one morning I noticed them neatly stacked in a barn.

So in lieu of a proper painting, which I started to plan but soon gave up on, here’s an abstract loosely based on the bales. I love spirals. This was done using watercolour pencils and a water pen for blending some of them. I outlined them using my new pens.

The initial circles were done using the empty reel from the masking tape. The spirals were done freehand.

Left behind.

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