The Stream

On my Sunday morning walk, along the narrow mud encased lane, I came across a stream. I stood on the bridge and watched it flow and the following words came to mind which I formed into poems on my return.

Stream Haiku
Water swiftly flows
gurgling, gushing and rushing
muddy from the fields.

Stream Tanka
Muddy from the fields
gurgling gushing and rushing
water swiftly flows
like a latte coffee stream
with sunny diamond froth

This morning I took a slightly different route and came across another stream and bridge. No poetry, but a few photos and a thought of how to improve the painting/sketch I had started yesterday and decided not to publish as it really was not at all good, even by my low standards! I took some photos of mud on the road to include in it and decided to persevere with the painting.

I asked friends on Facebook if they thought the photo of the bridge was worth painting. They said yes, so I started one. More difficult in watercolours than I thought it would be. Will take a while to complete. in fact, I think I will change the composition somewhat. Watch this space………. Will post it when finished, if it works out ok.

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