Mindfulness Course week 2

This week’s meditation has been a body scan. This entails lying down and becoming aware of each bit of your body in turn. I used the recorded meditation every time for the first 5 days as it is more difficult to do unaided. I found it easier in the morning when I am fully awake than in the afternoon when I am tired.

The other thing we are supposed to do in week 2 is go for a walk and as we do so be aware and notice things around us. I have done this for many years and is a way that I walk and pray.

This morning I did the body scan meditation seated and just before morning prayer. I can’t say that it helped with the prayer time, nor that it hindered it. Like anything new I suppose it will take a time to make a difference, especially as I have been practising being mindful and aware for many years, but just not called it that.

Reading the chapter for week 3 today and getting a glimpse of what’s to come. Looks different! I will let you know next Saturday how it goes.

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