Mindfulness Course week 3

The lesson I learnt from week 3 of this course is to read the instructions properly before I start. I had skimmed through the chapter and thought I was to do the 8 minute stretching meditation plus the 8 minute breath and body meditation twice a day and the 3 minute breathing meditation once. By Tuesday (day 3 of the week) I managed to catch up on reading the chapter and realised it was the two 8 minute meditations once a day and the 3 minute one twice. Much easier to fit in.

So last week I mainly started the day with the 16 minutes of meditation after breakfast and before morning prayer. Then pausing at around mid-day/lunch time to do the 3 minute one and then pray then again 3 minutes before my 5pm(ish) prayers that include a look back at the day (doing the Examen).

In addition this week the course suggested a habit breaking activity of looking at the TV schedules and picking what to watch, watching only that and not just slumping in front of the TV watching anything that happens to be on. We do not do that as we don’t have a working TV aerial and so all our watching is done by catch up or we watch a DVD. So I picked a couple of dramas an a couple of comedy programmes that had been recommended in the Church Times column that I had just read. But because I know they would not appeal to my husband I am watching them a short bit at a time whenever I can grab a break at lunchtime.

I have run out of time for this blog. It is Monday morning, the clock has struck 8 and I need to do my meditation, personal prayer, get showered, dressed and be ready for morning prayer on-line at 9am.

And in case you are wondering, the alarm went off at 6.30 – I take my time with a cup of tea, then breakfast and read a bit of Church Times. I’ve given up on the brisk walk – can’t do everything! H

Have a good day – and let me know if you do mindfulness or meditation on a regular basis – do you combine it with prayer?


  1. Good timing and well programed ,I wish to comp the strategy guess I woke every morning without planning well ,of course my everyday is overoccupied ,I would rise in the morning pray few minutes then go for work and usually Mondays after work there is fellowship where I go to minister and go home, then give myself so few minutes to pick up some call pray with people and little time with my family then pray together then tomorrow comes .

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