God moves in mysterious ways….

I feel for the men and women who deliver our post. Many people nowadays have boxes, which makes delivering leaflets and letters easy. However the vast majority still have a letterbox in their front door. Some are easier to use than others. The worst ones are low down. Even worse are those that are low down and difficult to get the item through because it has a stiff draught excluder or spring.

I came across one such letter box last Saturday whilst prayer walking and posting leaflets through some streets in the village where I live. My glove got trapped in a letterbox and I couldn’t get it out so had to abandon it. Nobody was in.

This is the surviving glove – actually two. I wore knitted fingerless over my leather ones. I put a post on our village facebook page in the hope that someone would contact me to say it was their door. Nobody did.

But I did have a good exchange with someone who asked about prayer walking. I was going to copy and paste some of it in here but didn’t get around to it. So I’m publishing this now without it

I am pleased to say, that thanks to our lovely postman, I have my glove back. I felt moved to go and apologise to the people who had my glove stuck in their letterbox and just the same time that the postman happened to be walking by their house. He, being stronger than me and experienced in these matters, and having come across stubborn letter box flaps before, was able to shove the flap to release my glove. It is unharmed from the ordeal, although a bit cold. What good timing! There was nobody home so I still couldn’t apologise – and I wasn’t going to risk putting a note through the door!
God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. And here is the evidence of the event.

WOW – I’m even more surprised. I just typed this post on my computer and added the photo from my phone…. I didn’t know you could do that!

Not that I think Facebook is more impressive than God’s timing. I’m more used to God’s timing being perfect and Facebook being a pain.

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