A word for 2022

I have once again followed the 12 day online retreat with Abbey of the Arts to discern God’s word for me for this year. I found it helpful to do last year and so I signed up and started it shortly after Christmas.

A prayerful review of 2021 confirmed why I was feeling so tired at the end of it. I had had a busy year with some stressful times, like many people finding the pandemic had worn me down.

The word RESTORATION seemed to be calling me, and this was confirmed through prayer, bible reading, contemplation and the way that life sometimes speaks to us. For example, I had received a calendar from the Bible Society that had Restoration as its title. This link takes you to their website where you can order a free copy. I am not sure yet how I will use mine but I have put it on the door of my room where I pray and paint.

As part of the process I went for a contemplative walk with a camera looking for images that spoke of the word. I then arranged them to create the image at the top of the post before placing them in my prayer and art journal. I think the result is fairly self explanatory. I hope it speaks into your life too.

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