Footsteps in Prayer – Numbers

Numbers is not a book I knew much about, to be honest. It has lots of census information in it, hence the name. However it is far more than that. It is the story of God’s people in the wilderness. It tells of Israel’s rebellion and God’s faithfulness. The bible project video over view is worth watching. Click here

The book contains the famous priestly blessing, the account of Moses lifting the bronze snake so the people wouldn’t die of snake bites and the strange tale of Balaam’s donkey.

I often don’t know what I am going to write in my journal until I start and it evolves. Most of these entries are not so much recording what I have prayed after I’ve prayed but are the prayer. I was annoyed though that I hadn’t worked out the spacing for the word LIFE in the last one. Oh well…. I hope you find these examples helpful and encourage you to put pen and paint or crayon to paper and go with the flow of your prayers.

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