Through the bible – Ruth and Samuel

I enjoyed reading Ruth but didn’t do any art with my journaling. The two books of Samuel were a lot to get through in one week, but I managed to finished it yesterday afternoon. As previously, I recommend the Bible Project videos for an overview of the books. Ruth 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel

I have decided to stop following the Footsteps in Prayer through the bible as they go through the books in biblical order. I would prefer to go more chronologically. I have found a reading programme which means that I will read Job next – Blue letter Bible Daily Reading Program. I will still use the Footsteps prayer suggestions and music though.

While reading 1 & 2 Samuel I journaled and prayed through a verse whenever I got to one that caught my eye rather than the Footsteps’ suggestions. I have not included any photos because my journaling notes are not really worth sharing and using up storage on my site.

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