Are We There Yet? Not long now.

I have just sent the manuscript of my book to the publishers having done what I hope is the final proof reading of it. It is a scary feeling. Exciting too. I started writing it so many years ago, put it on one side a few times, and then eventually got it to the point of being ready to go to a publisher. Finding a publisher willing to take it on took a while as there are so many budding authors out there. I could have self published but thought it would be better to have someone do the necessary marketing etc. I didn’t have the time to do it myself.

I have the pdf of art and poems that go with my book which are going to continue to be freely available through this website. Click here it you want to look. It would have been too expensive to publish them in the book, according to one publisher I approached. That is why I separated them out. I may see if I can publish them on Amazon myself. They would need to have a different title. I will wait until I get into the discussions with the marketing people of the publishers. At the moment I am still dealing with the production staff.

The image for this post is the one did for the for the front cover of the book. The publishers took the idea and produced something similar. As I don’t have permission to use that image, I will use my design. I never did finish the picture as I imagined it. I wanted to put in bushes and trees. But it is as it is. And life is often like that – not quite how we imagine it will turn out. I will continue to use if on my pdf and think about what I might use for the front cover if/when I publish it on Amazon. What do you think?

If I write another book – and I do have plans for one on spirituality and creativity – then I will self publish now it is so much easier to do so.


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