Catching up – Praying through the bible

It’s a long time since my last post sharing my reading through the bible and the resulting journal entries. I have still been doing the reading, reflecting and art/prayer journaling but not had the time to write online.

During our holiday we visited Holy Island and I spent a while in the Lindisfarne Scriptorium admiring the art work of Mary Fleeson. I bought two of her books which have instructions for doing various Celtic knots and other things. The wavy lines in the pages below are my attempt at adapting her technique. Some are better than others. Unlike Mary’s work which is published to help others in their devotions, mine are published to encourage others to have a go. I know that my art is pretty hit or miss. This is not helped in aiming to do a new doodle/picture each time.

Here’s the pages from 27th March up to 31st May. I am now on the reign of King Solomon which is recorded in 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles, with some psalms too.

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