Creativity and Prayer Quiet Day

St Michael’s Church, Rocester, ST14 5JZ
Saturday 23 July 2022
from 10am to 4pm

St Michael’s church is set in a lovely village in Staffordshire near Uttoxeter and the A50. So as well as taking advantage of the comfort of the church building there are places to walk and enjoy the countryside.

One of my hobbies is painting. This has been helped enormously by attending Denstone Art Group. Joining with like minded people is a good way to be encouraged to stretch yourself. My artistic journey started as a way of expressing myself while praying. I would doodle or play with paint or decorate a bible verse that was special in some way. When on retreat I would go into the art room and amuse myself. I eventually went on specific art retreats where I had some lessons in art techniques. I now put my work online, not because I think it is particularly good, but because I want to encourage others to have a go. The process is what is important, not the end product.

I recently gave some talks for Mothers’ Union members showing my journalling and paintings created during times of prayer or while I was on retreat. They were received well and have given me the impetus to offer a quiet day for people to come and have a go. 

The quiet day is for anyone including those who consider themselves not artistic.  It isn’t about creating a great work of art, but about expressing yourself like a child and developing your spirituality and creativity.   

I will lead some reflection and prayer to enable you to play with paint, to express yourself in colour or collage, or to simply spend time colouring in. There will be guidance on how to use various techniques for journaling and painting/colouring, plus space for you to do your own thing.  The cost is £5 which includes refreshments and art materials. Bring your own lunch.

Here are examples of the sort of things we might do on the day

If you would like a booking form please email me or use the one I’ve inserted below. I look forward to seeing you.

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