Are We There Yet? We will be on 25th August 2022!

I was delighted, excited and a little bit scared to receive an email yesterday from my publishers. My book, Are We There Yet? will be published on 25th August.

My next job is to fill in a questionnaire for them, including contacts I may have to promote it. I am also advised to find anyone who will review it. I know at least two of my regular followers do book reviews and would be thrilled if they would review mine.

Please pay for me in the next few months, as self-promotion doesn’t come easily. I’m really rather shy. I know that seems unlikely as I spend a lot of my working life standing in front of others speaking, and I publish this blog. But this book is personal and not a work of fiction. I’d feel differently if it was a novel. But, I’ve come this far with the assurance and belief that it is part of God’s call on my life. So He will be with me and that’s all I need to hold on to.


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