Quiet Day was a success

Last week’s creativity quiet day was a great success. Not perfect by any means and I know what I will do differently next time thanks to the feedback received. With their permission, here’s some of the artwork produced by participants.

I spent the first session giving a quick demonstration of four different ways of doodling. I then showed how you can do the intertwined ribbons. One person continued working on them in the afternoon and another person did a painting:

After a coffee participants were encouraged to decorate a favourite bible verse or saying. As you can see, the wavy lines were popular.

After lunch I guided the group through drawing a mandala. This proved to be somewhat challenging due to me using a flip chart and marker pens. I hadn’t practised! And it showed! Nevertheless despite my endeavours some very good mandalas emerged. The participants enjoyed it and we all agreed that it didn’t matter if they were ‘correct’ or not, but that it was the doing of it that mattered.

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