My book is on the publisher’s website

Just got home from a couple of days away to an email with the latest from my publishers. I have an image to use of the front cover of my book and I have checked out their website. It is now listed on the Coming Soon section.

My next job is to find people to are willing to review it for me. I don’t know if electronic copies will be available or how many people the publishers are willing to post books to either in the UK or further afield. I have asked the question.

However, I have just checked out Amazon and it is there with a publication date of 11 Aug 22???? Presume that is when the publishers put it on there. Although I will be getting complementary copies, I am VERY tempted to order it through Amazon to see if I do get it. You can preview it on there too. Click here. But as the promised copy would arrive while I am away on retreat I see little point in doing so.

I now have ANOTHER question for the publishers. Time to put the kettle on and celebrate with a cup of tea. All this excitement when I have lots of other things to be getting on with.


    1. Interesting. I think that if anyone orders it they will be told it isn’t available yet. But we will see….. watch this space!!!! I don’t know if the publishers would be willing to post a copy to Canada for you to review. I have emailed them.

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  1. I wonder if it will be converted to Ebook in due course. I hope so. My husband and I had problems finding it on amazon UK. If you search “Are we there yet elizabeth jones books” it shows up. Try that.


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