Praying through the bible – some more Jeremiah

I have just finished the latest double page of my praying through the bible journal. At last! You can see from the dates at the top of the pages that it has taken a while. The bits I did today were rushed but I wanted to get it done today. I can now continue with the reading, and I will endeavour to keep up the journalling.

I am highly unlikely to get through the whole bible by the end of the year, as I had intended. I have thought about giving up but that would not be in my nature. I’ve started, so I’ll finish.


  1. Hi.. loving the art work.

    I read Jeremiah through about a month ago. I hadn’t realised what a treasure the book is. I also intended to read the Bible in a year. I’m currently at 13 months and it’s going to take me about another month to complete as I have half of Ezekiel and the whole of Isaiah to read. It’s an excellent way to get the scope of the plan of redemption.

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    1. Hi Julie. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Jeremiah has so much in it. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it all the way through. Definitely worth the effort. And the plan I am using that takes it chronologically (more or less) helps to get the story right.


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