November Knitting Challenge

I am doing the fund raising knitting college for the charity Dementia UK. Not sure why, other than I was curious, clicked on a link and before I had time to think had signed up for the challenge. Very pleased that the Facebook fundraising page has so far raised half of the £200 target. And that’s before we’ve got to November.

So, that really has got my motivation going to get back to knitting. The proverbial kick up the backside! And it will raise money for a worthwhile cause too. Here’s a link to my Facebook Fundraising page.

I started to knit this jumper in January 2021. I was a bit bigger than the pattern’s Large size so added some stitches to the front. I knit it in the round. I often do this to avoid sewing the side seams. Stopped to measure when I got to where arm hole shaping should start. Realised it was too small as I had omitted some increases, so undid it and started again with more stitches on the needles.

I think I took this photo from the first effort of knitting this. I laid it over a jumper that is a nice loose fit.

By April 2022 it had not been finished. Not sure why. I had to undo it to start again. I had lost 2 stone in weight and so the jumper was going to be far too big!

I have just got around to starting it for third time yesterday. I have regained about half a stone of the weight I lost, so not as slim as I was hoping to be. Am knitting it the largest size printed on the pattern hoping it will fit this time. I cannot be bothered to do the necessary calculations to do adjustments. I had thought I would change the neckline. If it doesn’t fit me and I don’t like it, I will donate it to the church’s craft stall to be sold.

This is the pattern.

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