Radio interview – this is my story

I was interviewed on UCB Christian Radio on Wednesday last week. Although I was nervous the presenter Ruth put me at ease and the hour flew by very quickly.

She played both of the songs I’d requested: And can it be? plus Such Love. I was asked why I’d chosen them.

Ruth also took me by surprise by asking if there was one of my poems I’d like to read. Fortunately the interview was by Zoom and I was in the room where I keep them and was able to easily locate the file while And Can it Be was playing and have a quick flick through. This is the one I chose because it sums up quite a bit of my story. It is based on a psalm and I explained that anyone can do this. Pick a psalm and as you prayerfully read it change the words to your own reflecting your prayer.

A retreatant’s psalm (written on last day)


Praise the lord O my soul

Let all that is within me bless his holy name.

For he heard my cries, my tears, my sighs

my pondering the same old problems

yet again needing his help,

seeking him with all my heart.


He restores my soul

I trust in Him.

Who is this ‘me’ I’m now so glad to be?

I’m called by name, I am His –

            adventurous, trusting Bess

            perfectionist, pious Elizabeth

and faithful, loving Liz

A rose in full bloom

            delicate and sweetly perfumed

            beautifully and wonderfully made

and precious in His sight.

Remembering his tender kiss on my forehead

    as he held my hands.

I trust in his as together we go forward

When rough roads and storms I have to face

I’ll conquer my fears and foes in God’s grace.

I will not be afraid, for he is with me

and I will stay in him.

He will go with me

as I witness and serve in his name

gathering people to  him

seeking first the kingdom of God

and his righteousness

the Lord will supply my needs.


Praise the Lord O my soul

let all that is within me

bless his holy name.

I thank God for taking the circumstances of my life

and redeeming them into the person I am today.

Here’s the link to the interview

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