Praying through the bible: Haggai and Zechariah

I enjoyed getting back into doing ribbons and writing words on for my reading of Haggai. The old timers were complaining when the younger people wanted to rebuild the temple. God had words with them and they came around. Sometimes when we remember the glory of days gone by we can resist new things, whether that’s to do with our worship, church or workplace. But God has always been doing a new thing. That’s the way he is.

The vision of Joshua having new clothes and sins forgiven in Zehariah was one of the early indicators of God’s call for me to become a priest. I didn’t understand it as that at the time, I just knew that the fact that he was a priest had something to do with me. The verses concerning forgiveness were what spoke to me at the time, as that was what God was doing.

As I look back over the many years of ministry I can see that God does indeed work through difficult situations, not by might nor by human power but by his spirit. Every day I pray for the Holy Spirit to empower me in whatever the day might bring.

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