Christmas Trees – real or artificial?

An important part of our Christmas celebrations is having a decorated tree.  Is yours beautifully co-ordinated perhaps with a theme?  Or, like mine, a mish mash of stuff gathered over the years, each decoration with some sentimental memory attached? Is it artificial, perfectly symmetrical and straight or a real tree that’s not perfectly symmetrical and maybe a bit wonky?  

Life can be like the imperfect tree. There’s so much pressure on families at Christmas for everything to be perfect. If you look at the adverts its all about happy families and perfect presents, festivities, fun and food – lots of it.  But life isn’t perfect. Mine isn’t and I’m sure yours isn’t either.

Lights are another feature of Christmas: on trees, houses and recently on tractors. I enjoyed the procession in Uttoxeter. A wonderful display of lorries and tractors lit up.  They all shine in the darkness. Lights are so useful – to show the way, to illuminate the darkness, to act as a guide or warning (eg traffic lights and lighthouses).

The bible describes Jesus as the Light that shines in the darkness and difficulties in our lives. He shines and guides us, showing the way to go, being with us through difficulties and in times of joy.

The baby whose birth we celebrate is none other than the creator of the world who became a frail human baby. He healed, taught and performed miracles. He died a horrible death but then rose to new life.  Celebrating Christmas without remembering Easter can be a bit hollow. Easter is the reason for Christmas.

Jesus’ resurrection enables those who turn to God through him, to be born again spiritually and come to know God as our perfect loving Father and have Jesus with us all year round. 

Amid the fun of Christmas, I hope you remember the reason for the season, especially if things get a bit stressful.

I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

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