Praying through the bible: John’s gospel

At last, I’ve got to the point of getting back to John’s gospel having got to the end of Luke’s ‘special section’ which takes us up to just before Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

As today is also Epiphany it seems so appropriate and fitting that I turn to John’s gospel. The 3 magi don’t appear in it, so you may be wondering why I say this. The magi had the epiphany/revelation of who Jesus is and we remember their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh which point to Jesus’ Kingship, his Deity and his Death. In the Epiphany season we think of the miracle of the water turning into wine which is the first of John’s 7 signs pointing to Jesus’ identity. His gospel also has the I AM sayings. It is these that I shall focus on in my journalling and praying.

The Signs are:
water into wine – chapter 2
healing – chapter 4
healing – chapter 5
feeding 5,000 – chapter 6
walking on water – chapter 6
healing – chapter 9
raising the dead – chapter 11

The I AMs are:
Bread of Life – chapter 6
Light of the world – chapter 8
The door to the sheep-pen – chapter 10
The Good Shepherd – chapter 10
The Resurrection and the Life – Chapter 11
The Way, the Truth and the Life – Chapter 14
The True Vine – chapter 15

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