Today I discovered a new poetic format

I have been inspired by reading a blog post this morning that contained nonets. Having never heard the term (or read it) before in connection with poetry I looked it up to discover;

no·net nō-ˈnet
a combination of nine instruments or voices
also : a musical composition for such a combination

So the blogger may have made this up themselves, or got it elsewhere. Either way, I was hooked. When I went for my walk and prayer time this morning I played with words and wrote them down on my return. So here’s my three nonets. The first two reflect my walk. The third is just thrown together to describe a nonet.

Be still! I am often told: be still!
Be still and know that I am God
A walk by the river calms
water flows, thoughts do too
and I feel calmer
each step closer
to God and
Be Still

Today my heart was lifted to God
in the beauty of creation.
First a wild garlic flower
as I turned the corner
then a lone bluebell
show the season
moving on
new life

First wild garlic flower of the season
First bluebell spotted this year

Today I discovered the nonet.
Inspired by a musical term,
poetry playing with words
making them sing, not rhyme
arranged with care and
reducing in
nine lines

I found the nonets on My Pastoral Ponderings blog.

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