My latest picture inspired by a walk on the beach

I spotted a picture in an artists’ Facebook group that I really liked and inspired me to do my own version. After a walk along the beach, taking various photos, I set to work.

I am not 100% pleased with the result, but have enjoyed doing it. What I especially liked about the original picture was the way the various parts looked as if they were once joined and had been pulled apart. The white space in between being important. Unfortunately in my effort, I put so much in that space that the gap was closed in a couple of places.

Not to worry, there will be other pictures, I am sure, inspired by nature.

Here’s the photos I took:

Here’s the picture that initially inspired me to attempt this style of painting. I am pleased that the artist, Debra Rigler-Arsenault, has given me permission to share it.

We had a conversation on the Facebook post and it was great to receive her encouragement. I purposely didn’t look at her picture while I was doing mine as I didn’t want to copy it. I think I need to do more practice.

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