Beth Shalom – House of Peace

I have just finished the name to stick in the window of our holiday home. Due to the tough rendering on the external walls decided not to try to put up a name plaque on the outside. (We got through 3 drill bits putting up the key safe). The ribbons are after the style of Mary Fleeson on Lindisfarne. I am sure she plans out her artwork in advance. Mine evolved.

I enjoyed doing the ribbons. It is a form of mindfulness art as I got quite absorbed when doing it. Very relaxing. Perhaps I will re-do this with a bit more planning and better lettering. What do you think? I can see the flaws in it, but others may think it is OK. I wont mind being told it could be better. But it will do for now – better than nothing.

We bought the house last year and have been using it for ourselves as well as letting it through an agency. I felt God’s confirmation about the timing and search for a house while on holiday here last January. You can read about it in my blog on praying through Genesis. The house has a lovely peaceful feel to it, which is why we decided on this name.

We will eventually live in it when I retire. In the meantime, it is good to know that people enjoy their stays. And appreciate the art work on the walls. Some of it is mine, some my younger daughter’s from her days in art college and some are my father’s.

The house can be rented through this link:

I am thinking of putting photos of the art on a separate website for guests to look at and read about. At the moment there are a few notes in the information folder.

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