The start of a retreat

8 full days of bliss
I can do this!
walking by the sea
Jesus and me
I’m on retreat!

So, I won’t be posting anything until I finish the retreat. I arrived today and we have just gone into silence having had an introductory meeting. When I arrived this afternoon I had a walk on the beach and wrote those few lines. I look forward to rest, relaxing and realising afresh God’s love for me.

I have brought my art things and notebook, bible and journal. I will not be writing blogs though. If I have things to share I will do it when I get home.

The only other thing is that I wrote an article this morning for the local paper’s Church Corner. I agree with them not to publish it as a blog until after publication day on Wednesday. So I will, if I can, put that on to publish on Wednesday…. I think that is possible. We will see.

So, goodbye for now. It’s raining – that makes my decision about whether or not to go for a walk easy. I’ll stay put!

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