Work in progress on seascape painting.

I felt inspired to do a painting from some photos I took whilst on holiday in the autumn. The light was glorious on Coquet Island and I found some beautiful driftwood too.

Check out this photo collage designed by Liz Jones.
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Progress has been good. While on holiday in Amble again in January I did a watercolour sketch of my composition and am fairly pleased with the result.

I also did a quick watercolour of sea and sky.

This is what I achieved in the first art group session on 24 January. The tutor suggested an improvement on my composition and did a pencil sketch outline of it on my canvas for me. He also helped with one of the clouds.

The slope at the shore is too steep so that was adjusted at my next session along with work on the log and the island.

The following week we had a lesson so I didn’t work on this and this Tuesday I was too tired to go. So, I am sharing this and will update you with progress after next Tuesday which will be the last session before Easter. We will then take a break and no doubt I’ll miss the first session due to me having my post-Easter holiday.

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