Day 14

When I read the challenge for today I had mixed feelings. I already re-use plastic bags but more often I use re-usable ones anyway. My husband Terry takes the larger responsibility for food in this house and we do eat a lot of meat. However, this evening we will probably eat separately so I will have the leftover rice and fish dish that needs eating. We use very little milk – one pint will easily last us 3 or 4 days. My lunch is often a cheese sandwich simply for speed and ease. I could switch to having a vegetarian lunch, especially now the weather is warmer and salads are more appealing. Whilst drinking my morning cuppa I read up on veganism and its impact on the environment and I have downloaded the summary of the World Wildlife Fund’s annual report for last year.

There has been some progress on the Facebook prayer comments. I messaged Wendie, she replied and we will be meeting up. I feel a lot better about it now and who knows we may come up with a great scheme to help the elderly in the village. I can feel more work creeping up! I am actually going to visit someone in one of our other villages today. I am a bit puzzled though. I wrote a letter to everyone on the church electoral rolls as this year everyone has to sign up again. This meant that many people very kindly agreed to deliver them to those who can’t/don’t attend on a Sunday. A church member requested on Sunday that I go with her because of some difficulty of access with her car (I can’t remember exactly what). So I suggested she put a stamp on the letter and posted it. That would not do…. the recipient would be most offended if the vicar wrote and posted it rather than having it hand delivered. So this afternoon I am picking that person up and we are going together to visit him. She lives on a farm, down a track…. so I hope that my offer to pick her up doesn’t do damage to my car. She had offered to fetch me, but, as I said to her, it would be nice to see where she lives, on her farm. Which is, I think, one where they keep cattle and sheep. Which is interesting, given today’s challenge about our consumption of meat! The next challenge is to find this farm!!!

The farm was in fact very easy to find as the gateway was on the main road between Rocester and Hollington. And she met me at the road. We set off for the visit which was enjoyable. We left my car on the roadside as there was a huge bump which would have done damage had I tried to drive up the track. The gentleman was out, but his wife was in. I came back with a bunch of daffodils. They have lots of them on the farm – up the driveway and in the garden. I ask if I can pick some more to give to someone (I have in mind Wendie’s mum) and am told that I am very welcome to take as many as I want. It saves her from dead-heading them!

When I dropped the church member off I went in for a cup of tea and some apple crumble as there was no cake to offer. That was most welcome as all I had had for lunch was a packet of crisps. A most enjoyable visit.

Upon arriving home I got on with some admin, including starting an online faculty application (Church of England planning permission) for a trough for plants to go in a churchyard, having first had a conversation with a very helpful man at the Lichfield diocese offices. This took me up to the time to go off for a funeral visit. No time to take the daffodils to Wendie’s mum. They are in water so perhaps on Saturday (Friday is day off). So the sermon has not been written, my daily drawing has not been done, and as I write this it is now almost 9pm. I have eaten the leftover rice & fish dish and awaiting Terry’s return from a trip into Birmingham to visit a friend.

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