In the land of castles

We have seen quite a few castles whilst in the north east and were delighted when we saw that the town we will be staying in for two weeks has one too. Appleby in Westmorland has a large castle with grounds open to the public. So we will be visiting it at some point. Today we drove south west and through Swaledale which was beautiful despite the rain.

Having unpacked and settled into the cottage I have a short prayer time and do a drawing of a tower as I reflect that I have often thought of God as a safe refuge and tower, especially when life has been difficult.

During Lent 2002, whilst reflecting on my journey so far and realizing that I’m now more able to rest in God’s love, I wrote:

O love that wilt not let me go
O love which is my fortress and my strength
I rest my weary soul in you
I shelter in the shadow of your wings
In you alone I trust
for you are my God –
Father, Jesus, Spirit,
I give you back the life you’ve given me
that in the ocean depths of you
I might richer and fuller be,
as I take my place within the Holy Trinity

A few different scriptures and hymn words thrown together during a time of prayer.

Today I have felt thankful and blessed and am looking forward to some rest, relaxation, painting and walking.


  1. Have re-read this one as catching back up again.. I love castles – they are completely rmy thing. As well as Warwick Castle which is my hearest castle, I also love Carisblrooke on the Isle of Wight, Oxford Castle, York Castle, and one of my all time favourites is Kennilworth. Kennilworth is just a ruins which you can scramble over. You need stout shoes and steady feet but well worth it. On the Way back from Evesham Abbey a few years back we saw a sign post for Minster Lovell and decided to detour and visit it. It’s a castle ruins which I have waned to visit for nearly all of my life. It’s the castle lived in by Lord Francis Lovell and dates back to Plantageent times. It was well worth it. You can scramble over that one and fish in the moat (well you could when we visited). Anyway, this dblog definitely raised a smile here. Happy castle visiting. 🙂

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