40acts day 12

It’s a rare person who doesn’t like chocolate, so this one is for lots of people around you. Wherever you go today, spread the love, chocolate style! You’re obviously going to need to work within your budget, but push the boat out and buy Fairtrade if you can.

Green: Buy a box or tub and leave it by the coffee machine at work, or at the school reception. Add a cheerful ‘help yourself’ note, with the hashtag #40acts (and your name if you want to encourage a response).

Amber: Arm yourself with chocolate and hand it out to those you meet as you go through the day.

Red: Keep an eye out and an ear open for God to prompt you about who to approach. As you offer them the chocolate, add an explanation about 40acts and see what conversations open up about Jesus.

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” (Matthew 10:42 NIV)

I wish I had seen this one coming then I could have prepared ahead. Writing this early morning as I drink tea. I am going into the local school (Yrs9-13) for a session at 8.30am, followed almost immediately by communion at 9am at one of my churches, and with a short gap then onward to a first school for assembly. If I get my act together (ie get up NOW and get a move on) I might just have time to call in at the shop…. but because of the tight timing I have to go in my car to the first one (even though its in walking distance) and then try to park near the shop en route (difficult as it is on a busy junction and the opposite side of the road = awkward). Dead easy if I walked, and only a few minutes on the route BUT then I wouldn’t get to church in time for communion. Might have to buy chocs later and pop back into staff room …. or take them tomorrow when I go in again. Don’t think it would go down well if I gave them out in the class rooms. First I must check the latest advice re coronavirus on the Church of England website.

This evening we have a meeting in my house and I remember that on Day 4 of 40acts I committed to making them a cake. I am writing this while it is cooking. I’m using an old favourite recipe from my Marguite Patten’s cookbook which I was given in 1977 by my brother. This is it, although mine has long since lost the paper dust cover. The inside pages are stained with use – many turning of pages with sticky fingers. Although I have other books, this is my go-to for standards. I have to do some calculations for the oven temperatures though as this gives gas marks and Fahrenheit. My cooker is fan, electric and centigrade.

I have decided that the chocolate giving away can wait for another day. I’ve added some to the shopping list for the supermarket.

Whilst waiting for the cake to bake I decided to go for a walk and by the time I was ready there was 33 minutes left on the timer. My usual round the lake route is 1.9miles and takes me over 35 minutes and usually about 40 minutes. I don’t purposely walk fast as I am usually praying as I go. So today I had to keep in mind the cake and keep the pace up. The Strava app said I was doing abut 3.4 miles per hour. I took a shorter way home which made the route 1.2 miles and I did it in 26 minutes and 53 seconds and I was pleased with that – I had to sit down for a while though.

The cake looks OK. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating…. we will see:

cherry Madeira cake

Whilst walking I decided that the chocolates would go to particular groups of staff in two of the schools that I knew were under particularly stress at the moment, and the others just in the staff room. I will put them in with a card from me saying that I am praying for them.

The cake was well received and tasted good. We also had a good meeting. Am saddened though to read the guidance re coronavirus. We are to stop giving wine to the congregation at communion – only the priest to have it.

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