The Artful Elf makes an appearance

I started something new today. It took some doing to get the technology right. But I am pleased with the results. I aim to help people with their stress levels, using art, during the lockdown. If successful it may continue beyond.

Thumbnail for video

Here’s a link to the YouTube video I made:

introducing Artful Elf

And here’s the picture

B&W of original picture for you to colour

If it is printed on A4 then you can do your version of the picture I did. I look forward to seeing what people do and really hope that some people do share on Facebook. I made a list of all the pages and groups to share in and was surprised to see it add up. I will also share it with the schools for the staff and older pupils – but leave it to the Headteachers to decide if it is appropriate to share.

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