Day 8

Today’s is easy easy… give blood. I am already a regular blood donor and have clocked up 57 donations so far since I started giving when I was in my early 20s. My first donations were when I worked at Pirelli in Burton on Trent. The factory hosted a session and so it was easy to get started. I have been giving regularly since then whenever health has allowed. Obviously there was time off after childbirth and at other times when I wasn’t well enough.

I hate needles and have to look the other way when they put the needle in and get it started off. There was a time when the blood came out very slowly. I even had to change arms because the veins in my left arm became ineffective. It’s been fascinating to see how the process has changed over the years. In the early days you had to lie on the bed for a certain length of time, with a time you could get up written on piece of paper on your chest. We know sit in a comfy specially designed chair that tips backwards. The biscuit have improved and are now in individually wrapped packs of 3. If you only want one biscuit then it will have to be a chocolate covered bar!

Last time I was invited to give I was unable to get an appointment (another new innovation and definite improvement on turning up and waiting for over an hour to give). I have just checked and the next session at Uttoxeter (my nearest location) is in April and already fully booked. The June session is when I am away on retreat so have had to book one in July.

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