Sunday 24th March

A fairly typical Sunday: 9am, 1030am and 3pm services of Holy Communion. I preached at the first two and then enjoyed listening to Terry preach in the afternoon one. He had taken a service and preached at 10.3am at one of the other churches.

So I am relaxing with a G&T (so glad I didn’t give up alcohol for Lent) whilst watching Masterchef before cooking our evening meal. Although I enjoy watch Masterchef, my cooking skills seem to have shrunk in recent years. I let Terry do most of the cooking, but the Sunday roast is up to me. Tonight we have a loin of pork, which is one of the meats on offer to the contestants in the first round I’m watching. One of them cooked it and got a great result. Another one didn’t do such a good job – it had dried out and his sauce wasn’t thick enough. Perhaps I should be a little more adventurous with ours rather than simply wrapping it in foil and putting it in the oven. But then again, maybe not! Think I’ll do a mushroom sauce.

I have looked ahead at the week to come and it is going to be fairly busy so I hope that the challenges are not too time consuming and that I can manage them. I have a church council meeting, which will include a presentation of the annual accounts; an Annnual Church Meeting; two funerals plus I will have to prepare and deliver a Lent talk for a Mothers’ Union. Half an hour on something to do with Lent. They’ve had a vicar do this for several years. What can I say that they haven’t heard before? Ooooo. Maybe 40 acts???? I bet none of the vicar’s talks before have been on this. I can share some of the reflections we get each day by email and my efforts. Great… that’s a plan! Thank you blog for the inspiration! I do find that as I type I get ideas.


  1. Enjoy your dinner, it sounds lovely. I cooked a gammon joint today.

    Blessings for the week ahead and enjoy sharing your #40Acts. I shared mine with my Mum today and she was shocked that I cleaned a public toilet. 🤣

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