When the timing’s just right you know that God’s behind it.

I had a lovely surprise when a friend knocked on my door and left a cyclamen houseplant. He and his wife had been at the local farm shop and thought of me so they bought me one. Little did they know that another friend (not a mutual one) had posted on Facebook some photos of cyclamen plants and I had thought…. Oh I’d love to have one of those. Wonderful that I should have one delivered to my door as a gift just a couple of hours later! I feel very blessed. I‘ve had a difficult couple of weeks (can’t go into detail for reasons of confidentiality).

Here’s the plant on the window sill in my study.

Cyclamen from a friend

This is the post my friend put on Facebook this morning. She posts a photo of a different flower each day:

Monday morning on the shortest day, dark and gloomy here in Staffordshire! But now the days will grow longer. Today one of the flowers I associate with Christmas along with Christmas cactii and poinsettia, a lovely cyclamen. These lovely plants bring light and colour into our lives especially when given as Christmas gifts by dear friends.
Lord thank you for the gift of friendship and for all the dear friends we think of and remember at this time of year. Thank you too for the wonderful friendship you offer us in your dear son Jesus. When we are far from those we love or missing those who have died this year please comfort us by your Holy Spirit and make us aware of your loving presence from whom nothing can separate us. God with us – Emmanuel.

When I did my doodle for today I decided it should be a cyclamen. I did it quickly and without actually looking at the plant. I used coloured pencils and as they were not vey bold colours I decided to do an outline with a black pen – then regretted it. I wish I had been more careful to look at the crayon outlines of the leaves. Oh well….. it‘s only a sketch.

Doodle a day for Advent

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