Creativity can be exciting and fun

A few weeks ago I did an online creativity workshop and made this pice of art. We were invited to think about how we feel about creativity and then use collage to create something.

I had a false start and wrote EXCITEMENT on the paper then realised I wasn’t properly following the instructions so started again with the word Creativity.

I didn’t have any old magazines or much to use for collage other than some old Christmas and birthday cards and bits of wrapping and tissue paper. The phrase ‘First the basics, then the magic’ spoke to me about the importance of practising basic techniques and not having too high an expectation of being able to produce ‘good art’. It is far more important to enjoy art and being creative.

I received some rigger paint brushes for Christmas and decided to have a play with them this morning, practising painting thin lines. I put some yellow paint on the paper, did a few marks and then started to paint on the page where I’d written EXCITEMENT. Next came some red paint. I also used an old credit card to spread the paint.

I thought it looked a bit lacking in something so added some blue paint.

The image below is the page where I also played with the paint, with the 4 new rigger brushes laid on it. Neither of the pictures were planned – I simply went with whatever I felt like doing. I hope that when I am doing a painting that requires thin lines I will be able to use the rigger brushes to good effect.

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