A Funky Fish Party

There are several different collective nouns for fish depending upon their type. Now that I have framed my collection of Funky Fish I wanted to have an appropriate collective noun for them.

I found a long list on http://www.studywindows.com from which I selected my favourites:

  • A company of angelfish
  • A battery of barracuda
  • A glide of flying fish
  • A glint of goldfish
  • A party of rainbow fish
  • swarm of dragonet fish
  • A troop of dogfish

As my fish are lots of different colours, I thought Party would suit them. They are now on the bathroom wall of our holiday home.

A Funky Fish Party

These are photos of the original paintings printed out to the correct size for the frame. I bought the frame with the 4 aperture inset from a charity shop.

I thought they would brighten up the bathroom. I couldn’t get the nail to go into the wall where I originally wanted to hang it. However where it is now means that anyone sitting in the bath can see them. I hope they are appreciated by our bathing guests, young and old.

The first funk fish I painted is the one in the top right corner, the next was the bottom right which is the only one done in acrylics, and the original was much bigger than the others. The most recent was done a couple of weeks ago so that I could complete the set. It I had found a frame for 3 pictures, then I would not have painted another of these.

You can read about how I painted these on the following blog posts:





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